5 Simple Ways To Purify Water

purify-waterPure drinking water is one of the common requirements in our everyday lives. It is highly recommended that you know some of the simple ways to purify water.  This tidbit will come in handy at times of emergencies but will also help you drink safe water everyday. There are various diseases that can contaminate water and it’s important to understand how to clean it properly. Clean water is the base requirement for a healthy living.

There are various ways to clean water at home:

The most commonly used method to clean water at home is to boil it. Boiling water to  100°C can kill the harmful pathogenic organisms that cause various ealth problems and help you retain pure water. This method is useful only for short periods and cannot be used for water storage methods for months.

Another option is to make use of a thin, clean cloth to filter the water and allow it to sit for about an hour to settle down the dust particles. This method is effective to remove the dust particles and other solid materials in the water but doesn’t eliminate the bacteria in it. So you can make use of filters that contain charcoal, sand or other porous materials to filter the water and remove the bacteria.

There are other domestic filters that are commercially available to purify the water and are made of porcelain or clay. These filters are formed as a candle and you can use it to purify the water. The efficiency of the candle will gradually decrease over the period of time and you can sterilize the it by boiling it once a week. To enhance the efficiency of cleaning,  you can even boil the water before inserting it into the unclean water.

Making use of chemicals like non-scented bleaching powders or liquids to purify the water is another effective way to clean your drinking water. For this method you use a single table to a quart of water. You can use 10 drops of household chlorine to a liter of water to purify as well. If you are using  bleaching liquid, use just two drops to a liter of water.

You can also add aluminum sulfate to purify water. This will coagulate the impurities and will settle it in the bottom, which makes filtering easy. If you are using any type of chemical, make sure to clean the cap or lid of the container well before storing the water.

These are some of the easiest ways to purify water at home. Following these methods can help you consume pure drinking water that will be free of germs and can help you live a healthier lifestyle.


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    what actually the uses of charcoal in filtration?